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The field, known as biomimicry, brings together biologists, engineers, and designers in an attempt to find inspiration for new idea in nature and figure out how to apply it to life. Such? bio-inspired technology needs comprehensive knowledge such as NT, IT, and ET.

The industry of solar cells will brightly be prosperous in the future with the infinite energy source. With the demand of eco-friendly materials, the advanced materials for the performance of solar cells have to be applied to the process for fabricating solar cells.

Glass powder has been an essential ingredient for solar cells, and ceramic electronic devices. Development of spherical and nano-sized glass powder has been investigated because they can easily form a thinner and more homogenous layer. Among various methods, thermal plasma process has been recently introduced as an effective process for producing nano-sized glass powder.

White-light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been extensively researched and developed due to their various advantages such as low electric consumption, high brightness, and the environmental friendliness of their production. Glass materials also seem to be attractive candidates for encapsulants in high-power LED packages due to their good thermal and chemical stability and high refractive index.


Depending on the materials andsubstrate, fabrication of thick film is needs high sintering temperature. Aerosol deposition (AD) method is possible to form a dense thick film at room temperature without any additional firing in low vacuum.